As it is underlined in the Program Guide (2016), Strategic Partnerships projects through "joint initiatives" collaboration and cooperation should be fostered and experiences should be shared and transferred among participants at European level. Likewise, in the ILTERG project, through cooperation and collaboration among international researchers, aims to transfer research skills and knowledge with resulting higher quality, visibility and impact. Again through this international research networks, a joint research culture might be established.


The ILTERG Project also promotes educators' continuing professional development (CPD). With respect to this priority, the ILTERG project aims at supporting researchers' professional development through cross-fertilization of research experiences, knowledge, and skills. As a result, the researchers will gain new insights and vision through intellectual companionship.


Regarding higher education, one of the priorities is promoting the quality of higher education through cross-border cooperation. With regard to this priority, this project aims at establishing a long-term research collaboration and strategy among partner institutions which in turn will enhance shared research vision and joint sense of identity among these universities. This will have a positive impact on the quality of higher education institutions.

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