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December 09, 2016


- Deciding on the specific fields of activity of the research groups

- Establishing the structure of the research groups

- Deciding on the name of the research groups and preparing a logo for the research group

April 09, 2017


The needs analysis survey will be developed and administered to explore the nature of the needs towards collaboration in research. The survey will be developed and administered by using both qualitative and quantitative methodology.

March 31, 2018


The research articles will be produced by the research groups using both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods based on the nature of the research topic. Each research group will have written two articles by the end of the project.

March 31, 2019


The research topics for metaalaysis will be determined by the needs analysis survey. Invited expert authors can also contribute to the book. The book will be edited by one editor from each participating organisation.


July 31, 2018


Promoting research and dissemination of the Project for novice researchers.

Preparing the workshop reports based on the activities carried out throughout the workshop program

June 09, 2019


The conference will be organized in order to reach the results of the project to a wider audience in the field of language teacher education. The rationale of the project, the process of establishment of research groups, other outputs of the project, and all other issues around language teacher education will be discussed. The coordinating institution will organize the event and partner institutions will contribute to all of the organizing processes. The conference will include speeches about the contributions of the project. The following activities will be conducted in the organization of the event;


- Deciding on the organizing team and distributing roles

- Deciding on the scope of the conference

- Deciding on the conference dates

- Deciding on the venue

- Preparing the tentative program

- Deciding on the plenary speakers

- Call for papers and participants

- Reviewing the abstracts and sending acceptance letters

- Preparing the book of abstracts

- Organizing the conference

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