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Call for Papers

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The 3rd International ILTERG Conference 2023 aims to present current research carried out in the areas of both Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Education. Thus, the ILTERG Conference provides opportunities for the foreign language teachers and teacher educators to exchange new ideas, gain insights for new research areas and find global partners for future collaboration. Academics, foreign language teachers, teacher trainers, MA &PhD students in the field of English Language Teaching and teacher education are cordially invited to submit papers to the ILTERG Conference that will take place in Nevşehir hosted by Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University, School of Foreign Languages between the dates of 2-3 June 2023.

Selected papers will be published at ELT Research Journal ( after the review. Abstracts and full papers will appear in the conference proceedings e-book.

The ILTERG Conference covers the new criteria for YÖK Academic Incentive Regulation. The Conference will provide attendance of researchers from several EU and non-EU countries. The number of international participants is planned to outnumber local participants.

* Konferansımız doçentlik ve akademik teşvik kriterlerini karşılamaktadır.

Main Topics

The Conference will address a range of critically important areas in relation to language teacher education and English language teaching. The scope will cover but not limited to:

o    Applied Linguistics and Language Education

o    Approaches and Methods in English Education

o    Culture and Literature in English Education

o    Diversity in Education

o    Early English Education

o    English as an International Language

o    English for Academic Purposes

o    English for Specific Purposes

o    English Language Curriculum and Teaching Materials

o    Intercultural Communication

o    Language and Peace Education

o    Language Learning and Acquisition

o    Language Policy

o    Language Testing and Evaluation

o    Life-long Language Learning

o    Distance Language Education

o    Multimedia and ICT in English Education

o    Teacher Training and Education

o    Technology in Language Teaching

o    Translation Studies & Language Teaching

Presenters can choose between oral presentations, poster presentations, and online presentations. For all types of proposals, speakers are required to submit a structured abstract through the abstract submission system. All proposals are blindly checked for scope and quality by at least two of her members of the Editorial Board and Advisory Board.

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