- Development and Administration of a Needs Analysis Survey towards Collaborative Research in Language Teacher Education: The needs analysis scale has been developed and administered to find out the needs concerning collaboration in research in the field of ILTERG project. Gazi University has coordinated the processes, and all other partners have contributed to the development and application of the survey. The findings of the survey has been written as a report. And the report has guided further activities and research of the research groups (outputs 2 & 3).

- A needs analysis survey about research in ELT and language teacher education has been developed to describe the current situation in terms of the need towards collaboration in research. The needs analysis survey has been developed by project partners under the coordination of the project coordinator. After a thorough literature review, items about research lines have been determined. the survey has been administered to 139 novice and expert researchers in the field in three partner countries.

Attached is the needs analysis survey report:


- Writing Research Articles: The international research groups established under the umbrella of ILTERG aim to be active developing research works to contribute language teacher education literature. In this respect each research group aims to produce two articles in the field of language teacher education and in parallel with the field of research group. For each article, the research topics have been chosen according to the results of the needs analysis survey. The collaboration of the research groups were fruitful, and a total of 10 articles have been produced so far. (two more than planned in the project proposal). Three of the articles are in review process, the rest have been published in journals in prestigious indexes (SSCI, ERIC, ESCI etc.)

Below are the articles published and a list of all ten articles:


- Composing a Book in the Field of Language Teacher Education: The ILTERG project brings together a distinguished team of researchers both from Turkey and EU. These researchers are all active in the field of language teacher education and development. The ILTERG team has collaborated to prepare a book of principled review which comprises recent trends in research in the field of language teacher education from different angles. The book will provide a valuable resource in this field.

Several authors from three partner countries also contributed to the book, which was published by Evora University Press. The book has comprised of 27 chapters with 45 co-authors. The book of principled review is a valuable resource for recent trends in language teacher education and English Language Teaching.

Below is a copy of the book:


Proposals for the book chapters will be collected from the researchers, the proposals will be evaluated by the editors, and the researchers whose chapters are accepted will write the chapters based on their proposals. After the chapters are finalized they will be submitted and the editors will edit the book. After the revision of the chapters by their authors, the book will be completed.


Composing a Guidebook on Establishment of the International Research Groups: The rationale of ILTERG project will be transferred to the future researchers through certain materials and activities. The guidebook aims to shed light on the process of setting up international research groups and project management. All of the partners are active in the process of authoring the book under the coordination of Gazi University. The researchers have collaborated to write the guidebook through sincere interviews.

The guidebook includes challenges and all phases of establishment of an international research group. 

Below is a copy of the guidebook:


-In order to secure the future of ILTERG Project, training new researchers with the ILTERG methodology is of high importance. Thus, the one of the aims of the research groups is to organize workshops for novice researchers. To this end, 12 workshops and events have been organised by four participating universities. The participants received certificates for attandance.The ILTERG project outputs have been disseminated in the workshops and events as well. 

Below is a list of workshops and events, sample certificates and photographs:


Collaboration in ILTERG has also led to production of an extra output: A workbook for prospective teachers about critical incidents in Practicum.

The workbook is intended for prospective English teachers who are preparing to enter the profession and will be teaching English to non-native speakers. This resource can be valuable for school experience courses which are offered in the fourth year of teacher education programmes to help student teachers deepen their perspectives about the contexts they will be working at. In this workbook, we present cases of 52 non-native novice English language teachers working with diverse student populations in different regions of Turkey and Poland, such as the Eastern, South-Eastern, Black Sea, Marmara, Pomeranian, and Slupsk regions.
This collection represents an examination of socio-culturally different cases in terms of learners, parents, heads, teaching materials, and collaboration with teachers of other subject matter and school counsellors. Both Turkish and Polish teachers and other non-native teachers will be able to find similarities in their own teaching contexts. Each case reflects the story of an English language teacher trying to cope with challenges in the workplace.

The workbook can be used in School Experience and Practicum courses in ELT departments.

A copy of the workbook is below:

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