Gazi University Ankara Turkey

Date & Location:  08-11 December 2016  Ankara

Location: Gazi University

Meeting Objectives:

  1. To obtain an understanding of the project with its goals, scope, outcomes and schedule

  2. To prepare and distribute action plans and tasks for Outputs.

  3. To build team-building and and establish working relationships and lines of communication

Meeting content:

Team introductions, Brief presentation of the project, goals, outputs, responsibilities, dissemination  and schedule, Discuss team organisation, team responsibilities, mandate/scope, risk management, Team communication (frequency of meetings, contact online etc), Narrowing down research topics, developing project schedule, Project management issues, bilateral agreements, Briefing about funding and other key issues in financial management of the Project, wrap up and final remarks.

Participants: a total of 16 participants ( 2 from Evora University, 2 from Pomeranian University and 12 local participants ( 9 from Gazi University (host) and 3 from Boğaziçi University)

Transnational Meeting 2

Date & Location:  25-27 November 2017 Slupsk


Meeting Objectives:

  1. Share Needs Analysis Survey Results (output 1)

  2. Organize task distribution of Collaborative Research Articles (output 2)

Meeting Content:

The results of the needs analysis survey was presented. The findings of the report were used to identify the contents of the Output 3 (book of principled review). Each research group prepared a presentation on the procedures of research articles. Mainly data collection was presented. Research groups worked on collaborative articles in terms of further data collection, data analysis, and task distribution. The target journal was identified. One member of each research group was identified as responsible for quality check in articles and coordinators of each university were assigned in charge of time management.

Participants: A total of 17 participants ( 3 from the host university, 4 Boğaziçi University, 4 Evora University, 6 Gazi University)

Transnational Meeting 3

Evora University, Evora Portugal

Date & Location:  09-11. May 2018  Evora


Meeting Objectives:

  1. Finalize collaborative research articles (output 2)

  2. Distribute chapters of principled review (Output 3)

  3. Prepare interview topics about Guidebook ( Output 4)

Meeting Content:

Brief discussions about the previous output (Output 2 collaborative research articles), Determining the chapters of the next output (Output 3 Book of principled review). The chapters of the book were determined according to the results of the Output 1 (Needs analysis survey). deciding on other possible contributing authors who were experts in the fied, determining deadlines and publishing procedure in Evora University Press. Assigning editors and determining on quality standards in the publication. Determining the final output (Output 4 Guidebook), the content and organisation, deadlines, editor and interview format. Finally, initial planning of the final conference (Multiplier Event ILTERG Conference).

Participants: A total of 18 participants ( 4 from the host university, 4 from Boğaziçi university, 3 from Pomeranian university and 6 from Gazi University)

Wrap-up Meeting

ILTERG Conference Antalya  Turkey

Meeting Agenda:

Date & Location:  08 April 2018  Turkey

Location: Antalya ILTERG Conference

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Feedback about all project outputs

  2. Evaluation of the multiplier event

  3. Final remarks and suggestions for further collaboration

Meeting Content:

The evaluation of the multiplier event, discussions on how each partner can contribute to the impact of the multiplier event, discussions on the possibility of ILTERG name as a brand name and how new conferences could be held in the future without grant. The distribution of the Output 3 (book of principles review) to participants of the conference and evaluation of the feedback received. Discussions about task distribution, deadlines and final works about Output 4 (Guidebook). session about documents and updates needed for the project final report.

Participants: 4 Coordinators from each partner university. More members of the ILTERG team also participated the ILTERG Conference, during which the wrap-up meeting was held.

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