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ILTERG (INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE TEACHER EDUCATION RESEARCH GROUP) is a non-profit research group for academic collaboration in the field of language teaching. ILTERG is established with the aim of enhancing the visibility and impact of research conducted by the novice and expert researchers.​The 3rd International ILTERG Conference aims to bring together language teacher educators from all over the world who work in many different contexts to maximize opportunities for exchange and networking. One of the main priorities of ILTERG Conference is to bring together research, theory, and best practices from all contexts of language teacher education. The conference also aims to contribute to English language teaching. The 3rd International ILTERG Conference aims to provide a high-quality academic platform that connects theory and practice in different areas of foreign language learning, sub-branches and related disciplines, and thus offer different perspectives. We hope that this conference will be a friendly opportunity for all to share perspectives and research from different educational contexts.

* Konferansımız doçentlik ve akademik teşvik kriterlerini karşılamaktadır.

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